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Rooted was founded in 2017 on the principle that by increasing soil health in our agricultural lands we can increase farm profitability while dramatically reducing the negative environmental impacts incurred in producing our nation's food - we may even be able to improve our environment.

Regenerative agriculture - or the process of increasing soil health in our agricultural lands - sequesters carbon, improves the hydrologic cycle, enhances nutrient cycling and availability to plants, making for stronger, healthier, crops.  The positive externalities of this management change are immense;  reduced pesticide and herbicide use leading to healthier land, air and water, healthier farms and food.

Rooted was founded out of a desire to change the management processes on our agricultural lands, from one that treats plant disease to one that manages plant health, and to restore our nation's soils to their fertile virgin state and beyond.  Doing so is good for farmer's bottom lines, is good for Rooted and is good for our farmers and for our planet.  



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Soil Health


The founding principle of Rooted is that improved soil health leads to improved profitability of a farm.  Rooted identifies farms with compaction issues, seasonal flooding, poor nutrient cycling and develops a farm transformation plan to remove these bottlenecks to plant health for improved farm productivity.  The path to this transformation and farm restoration is through stewarding the soil; the way nature intended!

Climate Resilience


Climate change has the potential to roil every industry in our lifetimes; none more so than agriculture.  Rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns - in both frequency and intensity - are changing the farming landscape in an unprecedented way.  Improving soil health on our farms increases farm resilience for these increasingly volatile periods of flooding, drought and temperature swings, maintaining output in more extreme conditions.


Crop Fundamentals

While we are founded in restoring soil health, we are at our root, farmers.  In identifying farms for soil transformation, we need to first review the fundamentals.  We acquire farms that grow crops or can grow crops that have strong fundamentals (supply and demand) now and for the foreseeable future.  Changing markets, consumer preferences and climate is all factored into the selection of our farms and the crops we grow.